Hi Rich,
I think this is fine.
This seems like a reasonable way to move forward.

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Subject: Form role mapping

Jamie, Alex, Brett,

We need to reach consensus on the <form> element and role="form" mapping.

Can we agree on the following? :

1. that the IA2 IDL supports IA2_ROLE_LANDMARK and IA2_ROLE_FORM (so that old 
versions of FF and other applications using the form role can still work with 
2. For Firefox updates here on out the <form> element and role="form" map to 
IA2_ROLE_LANDMARK and xml-roles="form"

This way AT vendors can check if something is a landmark to determine if 
something is a landmark and then expose xml-roles="form"

Eventually, it would be better to not have to make an exception for the Form 
role when all the other landmark roles are represented as IA2_ROLE_LANDMARK 
with xml-roles="form"

This and the other discussion items of the last 2 weeks are holding up 3 
working groups - ARIA, HTML, and SVG.

Rich Schwerdtfeger

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