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HI Carlos,

Usually better to push these exchanges via the mail list --  Please use the Nabble interface for 

AT support issues are not yet correct on the LibreOffice release or the 
4.4.0alpha1 pre-release.  But they are mostly correct on the nightly builds of 
master and should be available for the bug-fix release the week of 
December 15th.  A cycle between <F2> and <Esc> will drop focus back into the 
active Calc sheet.

Meanwhile if you'd care to work against a more functional build and provide 
feedback the Bugzilla report regards focus issues with cells in Calc is 
fdo#81264, found here:

Nightly TinderBox builds of master are available, they can be installed in 
parallel, or if installed these development builds should not otherwise 
interfere with your full install of Apache OpenOffice or LibreOffice

for TB51 "production" builds
or for TB39 debug builds here:

San Antonio, Texas

From: Carlos 
Sent: Sunday, November 2, 2014 5:17 PM
To: V Stuart Foote
Subject: LibreOffice 4.4.o Dev

     I have started to play around with the 4.4.0 version of
LibreOffice.  And, as usual, the spreadsheet is still not accessible to
my screen reader (NVDA).
     Is this issue ever going to bet fixed?
     I just read an article where LibreOffice claims to be better and
more forward thinking than OpenOffice.  As far as I can see, OpenOffice
at least is trying its best to be more accessible!
     LibreOffice seems to be going in the opposite direction!
     I am now very afraid to uninstall LibreOffice for fear that it will
mangle my machine as I already had installed OpenOffice on my machine!
However, this installation of both at the same time has nothing to do
with how LibreOffice spreadsheet not being visible to NVDA or other
screen readers!  This has been an on going issue with LibreOffice since
4.3 series came out!
     So tell your friends at LibreOffice that they will loose support
among the blind community if this is not fixed very soon!!!
     Have a very nice day!

Carlos Gonzalez - Los Angeles, CA. - 

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