I am not using the current still release but am using 4.4.0 fresh (haven't installed 4.4.1 yet.) With this version, I am unable to duplicate the issues you're experiencing regarding selecting lines of text in Writer. I am able to hear text which is being selected as I use shift down-arrow and even shift-ctrl-down arrow when I select by paragraphs. I am using NVDA 2015.1. Would you consider installing the 4.4 release?

On 3/3/2015 1:01 AM, Edward Green wrote:

I recently installed the latest still release of Libre office on a machine 
running Windows 7.

When I’m in the word processor, I am not hearing text read to me when I select 
by line using shift +up or down arrows.  I have tried this with both JAWS 16 
and NVDA 2015.1.  I do hear text spoken when I select words or characters with 
shift left/arrow and shift control left/right arrow for the paragraph I am 
currently in, but hear nothing when I move out of that paragraph.

I have ticked the assistive technology option in tools/options/accessibility, 
and installed the Java Runtime Environment/enabled the Java Access Bridge from 
the Ease of Access Centre.  The rest of the program appears to work well, with 
text being read and menus being fully navigable.

Does anyone know if text is supposed to read while being selected, and if so, 
what I might do to fix this?

Many thanks,


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