I noticed that LibreOffice supports assistive technology (AT) and that in order 
for LibreOffice to expose its information it must detect the presence of AT.
I am developing dictation software and need to know the text and caret position 
in a document. Through IAccessible2 this is possible but I do not know how to 
let LibreOffice know that my AT is active.

I have looked through your wiki and found this page: 
https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Accessibility/Accessibility-dev where it 
explains what I just said. It does not explain how LibreOffice detects AT.

Specifically, I'm trying to do this (copied from a post I made on your 

I'm trying to use 
 to gain the caret position in relation to the text surrounding it.

Using various inspection tools 
(aViewer<https://developer.paciellogroup.com/resources/aviewer/> and 
AccProbe<https://github.com/IBMa/AccProbe>) i have been unable to gain anything 
from LibreOffice. I am suspecting that this is due to LibreOffice not thinking 
the aforementioned tools are "AT". Which leads me back to my question of how I 
am supposed to let LibreOffice know when an "AT" is in use.

For instance, I know that Chrome does the following: Chrome calls 
NotifyWinEvent with EVENT_SYSTEM_ALERT and the custom object id of 1. If it 
subsequently receives a WM_GETOBJECT call for that custom object id, it assumes 
that AT is running.

Kind regards,
Kevin Bogh Tobiasen
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