Hi Jonathan,

interesting proposal and definitely worth to discuss. While I like the font and
appreciate any work for a11y, shipping fonts feels wrong to me in general and
adding more for only a small proportion of users concerns me even more. I would
prefer either using the OS method of installing fonts and/or providing it via
extension. But it's my personal opinion and there might be support for your
idea. So I cross-post to the design people and suggest you write a ticket on
Bugzilla [1] (if you are proficient in using BZ you may block the meta ticket
tdf#113305 with all similar requests).


[1] https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/QA/BugReport

On 27.08.20 15:38, Jonathan FABREGUETTES wrote:
> Hello,
> This is my first post here, so please forgive me if I do something wrong or
> if my English is not clear.
> I would like to propose a new typeface for *LibreOffice*.
> The Regional Technical Center for Visual Impairment in France (CTRDV), one
> of the most important center with specialized transcribers in Europe,
> has developed during two years a typeface designed specifically for
> visually impaired people: *Luciole*.
> Word massing, spacing, the structure of the letters: the concept for
> *Luciole* adheres to a dozen specific design criteria to provide the best
> possible reading
> experience for the visually impaired.
> Designed for publishing professionals (publishers, teachers and
> transcribers), it is a powerful tool that contains many signs for
> mathematical notation
> and supports almost all European languages.
> *We already gave 3 presentations on this project:*
> • at the French Ministry of Culture – Paris, November 2019
> • at the 8th Journées d'étude NTIC (new technologies for visually impaired
> people) organized by the FAF (French Association for blind people) at the
> INJA (French National Institute for the Blind) – Paris, December 2019
> • at the 2nd RNLA (National Conference of Accessible Book) organized by
> BrailleNet at Enssib (the French National School of Library and Information
> Science) – Villeurbanne, January 2020
> *Selection of articles :*
> https://www.aveuglesdefrance.org/actualites/luciole-une-police-de-caracteres-pour-les-professionnels-de-la-deficience-visuelle
> http://www.lespep69.org/2020/02/aliquam-id-lectus-at-tincidunt-congue-ipsum/
> https://www.handicapzero.org/depeches/depeches-handicapzero/detail-dune-depeche-handicapzero/?tx_ttnews%5Btt_news%5D=5265
> http://www.inja.fr/BDEA/doc/AGENDA/487
> http://gpeaa.fr/police-pour-dv/
> https://pro.bpi.fr/alphabib/luciole--une-police-de-caracteres-pour-la-deficience-visuelle
> https://www.actualitte.com/article/monde-edition/font-luciole-une-typographie-pour-personnes-malvoyantes/99079
> The *Luciole* typeface has also been chosen as one of the 500 national
> projects labeled by the French National Secretariat for People with
> Disability.
> This project is already freely available: we do not try to *sell* it but to
> *share* it.
> Today, when a visually impaired child uses *Luciole*, he needs to install
> the typeface on its computer, all his school teachers need to do this...
> It would be much more simple to have *Luciole* as a part of *LibreOffice*.
> Do you think it is a good idea? What needs to be done for this? Who should
> I contact?
> To discover the project in detail:
> *http://www.luciole-vision.com/luciole-en.html
> <http://www.luciole-vision.com/luciole-en.html> *
> Yours truly
> *Jonathan Fabreguettes*
> *www.ctrdv.fr <http://www.ctrdv.fr>*

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