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welcome to this list and thanks for sharing your experience from using LibreOffice with NVDA. My comments on the aspects you mention are inline below.

On 10/01/2022 18.27, Christopher Mullins wrote:
In Excel, the cell in focus is always selected (highlighted) and if I use 
Control+c to copy it's value to the clipboard, NVDA will announceCopied to 
clipboard.  If I do the same thing in Calc, NVDA will announceNo 
Selectionhowever, the cell value will be copied to the clipboard.  This is also 
the case if I use Control+Shift+Space toSelect all, all cells are copied to the 
clipboard but NVDA announcesNo Selectionwhen I press Control+c.

On Windows, there are 2 different technologies that applications can use to implement accessibility: UIA (User Interface Automation) and MSAA (Microsoft Active Accessibility).

Microsoft Office uses UIA, while LibreOffice uses MSAA.

From what I can see, Excel triggers a UIA notification event after finishing the copy operation and NVDA speaks "Copy" as a consequence. I'm not aware of any equivalent in MSAA, so I think the reason why Excel announces something while LibreOffice does not is basically that the two applications are using different technologies to implement accessibility.
At least from a technical perspective, that looks OK to me.

The most annoying issue is how NVDA voices numbers.  I formatted a column as 
Currency, 2 decimal places, currency symbol £ and leading minus signs on 
negative numbers.  NVDA does not voice the currency symbol at all, even with 
symbol verbosity set toAlland trailing zeroes on the fractional side of the 
decimal point are truncated.

That's actually something that should be improved, and there is already a report for this in LibreOffice's issue tracking system, Bugzilla:

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