On 31/05/2022 22.13, Jason White wrote:

On 31/5/22 14:11, David P Á wrote:
Other problem with accessibility is comments and tracked changes on Writer. The issues with these systems make using Writer problematic in professional settings.

I agree, and in particular, the screen reader/accessibility API support isn't implemented - at least for Linux.

Thanks, Colomban also mentioned comments and tracked changes, and they are on the wiki page of topics that need some attention [1]: "Some relations are missing, like for annotations and footnotes (s. e.g. tdf#96481). Also, there is a lack of semantics for change tracking leading to messy output from ATs (s. e.g. tdf#96487). These could be seen as smaller and simpler issues."

A further screen reader issue is that, at least when I last checked, running a presentation in Impress was not accessible, unless Presenter Console were used. However, I couldn't test Presenter Console, as I didn't have multiple monitors (I was using a laptop with its in-built display).

Could you please explain what the expected (and actual) behavior would be when showing an Impress presentation? I think it makes sense to create a bug report to keep track of this (and I'd be happy to do so, but don't know what to write).

(In a quick test with MS Powerpoint and NVDA in a dual screen setup, NVDA just announced "Slide show complete" when I pressed F5 to start presentation mode and the first of three slides was shown... NVDA didn't announce anything when I was moving around using the tab key, so a quick look at that competing product didn't help me to figure out how it *should* behave...)

[1] https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Development/Under-loved_areas#Document_Level_Accessibility

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