Dear Access Indians, 


Has asking for sighted assistance stopped you from visiting a mall nearby or
going shopping? Do you feel uncomfortable when you are being pulled and
pushed around by sighted people who do not know how to give you instructions
effectively? Do you have friends who need assistance to cross roads, and do
you want to enable them?


Your fear and concerns are genuine and understandable. One of the solutions
to these challenges is a set of audios - Visually Impaired- "Move Around

You can learn some of the skills required by taking a short, free course on
Enable Academy. 


At the End of the course you will 

.         Gain confidence to overcome your inhibitions, 

.         understand the importance of Mobility 

.         gain awareness on solutions used for Mobility

.         learn to Seek assistance from sighted people with dignity

.         Become independent at workplace 

.         Help sighted people give you instructions and orient you in new

.         You will also start to gain exposure to the real world and taste
the success of freedom that you have always wanted.


You can take this course at:


Organisations working for visually impaired could order CD's and help build
the capacity of their trainers and candidates to understand the importance
of Mobility 


Employers /colleagues working with visually impaired could learn how to give
instructions, orient visually impaired effectively contributing to inclusion
at work


Please give us your feedback, so that we can improve our courses. Leave your
feedback here:  <> 


If you have any questions, please write to  <>, to avoid traffic on Access India.




Program Manager - Training and Solutions

Visit  <>, India's first
collaborative community initiative for mainstreaming livehoods of persons
with disabilities. 


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