Dear Members,

My name is Hardik Shah, I am the Managing Trustee of Samrat Ben Jamnadas
Shah Charitable Trust. We are an NGO and have started providing services of
Braille Production. But wait before you think this is just another mail
from a Printing Press i suggest you read this mail carefully and form your

We all know that Braille is the access to literacy for the blind person.

The value of literacy in today's world is well documented and accepted. For
a person who is blind, Braille provides an opportunity to develop literacy
skills just as print materials provide such an experience for the person
with sight. However, Braille has unique differences that bring with them
challenges for providing quality literacy opportunities. Just as accurate
production of print material is critical to the development of high
standards of literacy skills for the person with sight, developing the same
high standards of literacy skills for the person who is blind likewise
requires production of accurate Braille materials.

Poorly Brailled materials or inconsistency in Braille formats will cause
confusion and slow reading, impeding the persons ability to grasp concepts
or keep up with classmates. Poorly prepared materials can sabotage the best
instruction by producing confusion, frustration, acquisition of incomplete
concepts or acquisition of poor reading strategies, all of which result in
producing a poor, reluctant reader. Just as there are nuances to learning
to read print material, there are nuances and complexities to learning the
Braille system. It is essential that students have access to materials that
have been produced by individuals knowledgeable in Braille and tactile
graphic production and that these materials are checked for accuracy.

Jamnadas Trust shall cater to the needs of Braille production across India
with the Following Features.

We shall provide Braille on Paper as well as Plastic Sheets. We shall
encourage all to have Braille on Plastic as it is more durable in Quality,
no effect of Dust, Moisture, Braille getting debossed etc.

Braille books can be printed in all Indic languages.

Braille Books will contain all the graphical content which means that
Tactile images shall be a part of the books itself. Yes All the books that
one wants us to print shall have the tactile images.

Tactile Images for all standard maps and standard graphics shall be printed
and given.

In the same context let me also introduce to you about our 2.5 D  Tactile
Embossing and regular 3D Printing services for anyone who needs them. there
is a difference between a tactile embossing on a embosser and a 2.5 D
Tactile Embossing.

Any other needs in Braille production can be attended to.

We shall encourage people associated with colleges and institutes to ask us
for samples of our Braille on Plastic sheets since the durability of the
brailled  plastic sheets will be much longer than the same printed on paper.

 Cost of the Braille on plastic sheets is marginally high. (Approx Rs 2.5
per page for a page with both sides printing)

So Please spread the word and get your printing needs served by us. we have
the capacity to print 15000 pages per month and have one institution as our
First Customer for whom we are printing 15 School Books. We do not ask for
advance payments from any one until we have delivered our Printing. We are
a Charitable Trust.

All the books that come to us for printing shall automatically be made
available as an audio book. so that the sender and others can use the same.
more features can be discusses if in case it is of interest to individual
users. All are requested to communicate mostly through Emails as the core
team has their activities to earn the bread for themselves during the day.
The production team is full time though.

Thanks in Advance and Cheers to all.

(Team: Ashwini Sharma, Kavita, Rahul Sharma, Jigna, Rupesh )

Please send all your queries on my personal Email Id. I can be able to
share the details as per your Interests.


Hardik Shah

Managing Trustee

Samrat Ben Jamnadas Shah Charitable Trust.

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