Hi friends, I don't know if this email reached the group, hence reposting it, 
HTH, Regards, Rishi

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Subject: [Cavi-announce] Free Audio courses for the taking

dear all,

As CAVI is not currently teaching Audio courses we decided to release all the 
content for free before it was all out of date due to changes in Reaper.

You can get it from here:


If you like this content please send a donation by visiting


and give us what you feel the material is worth.

Any feedback (Not support requests) can be sent to cavii...@ciscovision.org and 
we will do our best to reply.,

Teaching the Audio courses has certainly been a journey however all good 
things come to an end and we would rather the community have the 
material than hiding it away forever.

Thanks to our Audio instructors for the thousands of hours of hard work 
they put in to make these courses.

Regards, Kerry.

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