VIBEWA meets UFBU leadership

VIBEWA delegation under the leadership of General secretary Com.
Krishnamurthy met the leadership of United Forum of Bank Unions on
March 3 and 4, 2018 at Chennai.

The objectives fulfilled in the meetings were as follows:
Introduce VIBEWA and impress upon them the necessary role of an
organization for visually impaired bankers
Explain about the actual and potential productivity of visually
impaired in banks due to availability of assistive technology
Appraise them about the guidelines issued by MOF for PWDs, and
non-implementation of the same as brought to light by VIBEWA mega
Impress upon them the need to increase conveyance allowance to PWDs to
meet actual demand
Urge them for   inclusion of just demands of visually impaired bankers
while representing with IBA and government

The specific issues discussed with trade union leaders are:
Filling up of back log vacancies
Proper job identification and job mapping for blind and low vision
Provision of assistive technology
Training on usage of assistive technology
Exemption from transfers and non-discrimination in promotions
Increase in special conveyance allowance for PWDs
Liaison officer and grievance redressal cell for PWDs

On March 3, VIBEWA team met Com. D. Thomas Franco Rajendra Dev,
General Secretary, AIBOC, at SBI LHO, Chennai who assured the
Increase in conveyance allowance for PWDs has already been taken up by
UFBU in deliberations with IBA, and will be surely achieved
He promised to demand the government, IBA and parliamentary standing
committee to ensure implementation of MOF guidelines
He encouraged VIBEWA to keep up its good work and stay in dialog

On March 4, VIBEWA met Com. Rajagopal, General Secretary, BEFI Canara
bank and Com. Ravishankar, Vice President, BEFI, at Tenampet, Chennai
with whom the longest of the meetings took place
BEFI spent nearly an hour in understanding various issues put forth by VIBEWA
Promised to take up issues with appropriate authorities
Encouraged VIBEWA to stay in constant dialog with BEFI leadership in future
Generously offered conference hall and refreshing arrangements at BEFI
office for VIBEWA’s activities

On March 4, VIBEWA met Com. CH Venkatachalam, General Secretary,
AIBEA,  at Paris, Chennai
He assured conveyance allowance issued has already been taken up in
ongoing wage revision negotiations
He enquired about individual cases of routine transfer of visually
impaired bank employees and promised to protect their rights
He assured to stand up for the rights of blind and low vision bankers
He assured to release a press statement about issues pertaining to
blind and low vision bank employees

VIBEWA took another step towards empowerment of blind and low vision
bankers by representing their issues to main stream trade union
leadership.  Such efforts will continue in future.

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