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Subject: {Disability Studies India} Important: Upcoming 76 NSS round
will have persons with disabilities as one of their components
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We should ensure that the disability-related data is captured
correctly and NSSO fieldworkers deploy right methodology.  76 NSS
round will have persons with disabilities as one of their components.
I'm curious to know how many categories  of PWDs have been included in
the questionnaire? and of course their training module. Read on and
keep track of this interesting upcoming exercise.
Field officers to record and store data in digital format
The National Sample Survey (NSS) would go digital in 2019, said D.P.
Mondal, Director General and CEO of NSSO under Ministry of Statistics
and Programme

Mr. Mondal was inaugurating a two-day workshop for trainers organised
before the 76th round of NSS that is expected to start in July. This
round would
end in December. Officers engaged in the survey have already been
provided with electronic tablets, he said.

In the 77th round which would start in January 2019, all field
officers would be asked to record, tabulate and store data in digital
format. The NSS, which
usually takes six months, could be completed within a month once the
digitisation process runs smoothly, Mr. Mondal told The Hindu. Over
9,000 officers
and field workers of NSS Office would conduct the survey across India.
In States and Union Territories, Directorates of Economics and
Statistics would
conduct a sample survey simultaneously. The 76th round of NSS would be
on two components – drinking water and sanitation and persons with
Under the drinking water head, housing conditions and hygiene would be
surveyed. The survey of persons with disabilities would estimate
indicators of incidence
and prevalence of disability, the cause of disability and difficulties
faced by persons with disabilities.

The survey on drinking water, sanitation, hygiene and housing
condition would be used to provide estimates for kinds of dwelling
units, availability and
access to facilities like drinking water, sanitation and electricity
and the system of garbage disposal and drainage management.

During the two-day workshop in the city, a detailed training would be
imparted to officers for effective implementation of the guidelines
for data collection,
P.C. Mohanan, member of National Statistical Commission, said. The
participants of the workshop would in turn impart training to the
field functionaries
at regional training camps in their respective offices before the
launch of the survey.

Avinash Shahi
Doctoral student at Centre for Law and Governance JNU

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Avinash Shahi
Doctoral student at Centre for Law and Governance JNU

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