A children’s movie Netraheen Sakshi (The Blind Witness) was screened
at Madhya Pradesh State Tribal Museum here on Thursday. The movie was
screened under
the regular film screenings of the tribal museum ‘Ullas’.
The movie is based on the life of a blind boy who can actually
identify people correctly through their voices. But, what he witnesses
formed rest of the
story. The movie is directed by Nabendu Ghosh and features, Beena
Bannerjee, Alok Nath and Manisha Patel in lead roles.

13 year old Ram maybe blind but he has an uncanny ability to identify
people by their voices and footsteps. One day Ram hears gun shots
fired at his neighbours
place and hears two people run out and identifies them. He tells the
police who laugh at the idea of a blind witness. So does a private

Without being disheartened, Ram decides to play a detective himself.
This lands him in trouble as the goons now target Ram. Can a blind boy
protect himself
from a criminal gang out to get him while at the same time solve a
murder mystery all by himself?

One of Bengali literature’s progressive shining stars, Nabendu Ghosh
has written dozens of novels, short story collection and stories and
screenplays for
some of Indian cinemas most popular films. Among the acclaimed films
he has written screenplays for, include ‘Sujata’, ‘Bandini’, ‘Devdas’,
‘Majhli Didi’,
‘Abhimaan’ and ‘Teesri Kasam’. He has worked with some of the greatest
directors of the country including Bimal Roy, Hrishikesh Mukherjee,
Basu Bhatacharya
and Satyen Bose. He has also directed four films including ‘Trishagni’
which won the National Award for Best Film in 1989.

Avinash Shahi
Doctoral student at Centre for Law and Governance JNU

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