John wrote,

((I suggest creating a .bat file, rather than using the
command prompt.  This allows editing the command 
and seeing where you went wrong if it doesn't work.  
For example, say returns 3 pieces
named file.pdf.001, file.pdf.002 and file.pdf.003.  I will 
copy them into the c:\ root for simplicity, so I don't have 
to type a long path to each....)

There is another simpler DOS command to combine binary
files chunks but it's not my subject here.
There is a tiny free utility to do all kind of file merging or
combining, it's called "Japos Utility-Merge File" the free
version is 1.04 found at or do a simple 
googling to download it from another site as the author's site 
is in Czech language.
The utility size is only 59 KB, no install required.


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