Since I was a student, in 1996, my first's insights into Internet were
only by E-Mail Methods, in times of Gerald Boyd as moderator of this
respectable list. Since that time things have not changed very much. I
have had access to a slow, unreliable and expensive Internet. I still
need of these early learned methods to access the World "Wide" Web.

Why? Well there are many reasons, but the United States blockade against
my little island is one big explanation. Cuba, in the middle of the
Caribbean where many continental fiber optics cables met, has no
connection to any of them.

I would like to thanks to all of you, who maintain, provide services,
helping the rest of us without direct access to Internet. Most of you
are United States citizens, non profit organizations and the like,
proving that our two peoples are victims of this policy. 

I would like to make also a call for any Initiative to contribute to the
help for the good relations between our governments. 

In this days, when my little Island have being struck by the hurricanes
Gustav and Ike; when yesterday October 29, 185 of 192 United Nations
members voted against this policy for the 16th occasion since 1996; it
is an excellent moment for the cease of what United States government
calls euphemistically "embargo". This affects all aspects of our live,
not just IT.


Bs. Rodolfo Ortega Santiesteban
Holguin, CUBA

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