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On 26 Nov 2008 at 13:48, Albert Reiner wrote:
> ,----
> | You may request up to 5 resources in each email you send to
> | www4mail`AT`szs.net.
> `----
>   ...  I think it would be
>   better to allow the user to use up all of her quota with a single
>   mail, rather than forcing her to split the requests into several
>   mails manually as I find myself doing quite often these days.

But unfortunately, the limit 5 is not a www4mail
configuration option. It is hardwired into the
Perl source code ... somewhere. I have looked for
it, but have failed to find it. If somebody else,
with more time on their hands, can tell me where
it is, I would be happy to increase it to a higher
value. I think 20 would be reasonable.

> Also I wonder if excess requests within a single mail are dropped
> silently or cause an error message.

I don't know!
Would you like to test it?

::: SZS :::

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