Dear Accmailers:

Some of the ACCMAIL servers do not provide the ability to construct the
email by simply cliking on the link of the retreived page but there's a
trick for Internet Explorer to add a custom menu, by tampering with the

If you are interested, and dare to, follow this steps:

Create a folder: 


Paste the folowing code into notepad:

    var oWindow = window.external.menuArguments;
    var oSource = oWindow.event.srcElement ;

Replace, with your prefered accmail server address.
If the URL must be placed in the body, change Subject='+ into Body='+
and/or add the necessary commands. i.e: Body=GET '+

Save the file as C:\ACCMAIL\ACCSERVER.htm (replace ACCSERVER with the
name of the actual server).

Paste the following into notepad:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MenuExt]


Replace ACCSERVER with the name of the actual server and save the file
as C:\ACCMAIL\add.reg 

Next dobleclic add.reg to add the info to the registry. You must do this
for every server you wish to add.

When you right clik a link it will display the server in the context
menu. Click on it and the default email program will launch with the
constructed request. Some long URLs wont work, will get truncated, but
is still useful for must sites.



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