Hi, Albert.

For information: reaction take place... after 8-9 hours.

AR> [la...@mail333.com, Wed, 19 Aug 2009 23:28:35 +0400]:
>> I sent e-mail, as was explained, but... nothing of reaction?
>> What is wrong?

AR> Sorry, I don't know; it worked for me.  According to the web page of
AR> the university that caters for this service,
AR> <http://www.univie.ac.at/ZID/echo/> (in German), the response should
AR> look like this:

AR>     --------------------------------------------------------
AR>       Vienna University Computer Center - Echo Service
AR>                      e...@univie.ac.at
AR>       This message was generated upon your request by the
AR>                   automatic answering service.
AR>       "Give me a ping, Vasily.  One ping only please!"
AR>              Capt. Ramius, Hunt for Red October
AR>       Answers are limited to _one_every_two_minutes_ to
AR>                        prevent abuse!
AR>       Attached you'll find the first 4 kByte of your mail.
AR>     --------------------------------------------------------

AR> Furthermore, it is stated explicitly that it can be used from anywhere
AR> and with any e-mail address.  As you can obviously send and receive
AR> e-mail, I can only guess that

AR> - either your mail is filtered before e...@... ever sees it (do you
AR>   have that problem with other services, too, perhaps?),

AR> - or that you sent more than one e-mail within two minutes, 

AR> - or that the response is generated but never reaches your inbox
AR>   (filters at your ISP, perhaps?).

AR> Sorry I cannot be of any help, and best regards -

Vlad                        mailto:la...@mail333.com

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