[sun zoom spark <szs-accm...@szs.net>,         Fri, 21 Oct 2011 01:18:18 +0100]:
> What should happen next? Should ACCMAIL just stop? Would somebody
> start a new list to replace it?
> Please give us your opinions and suggestions.

As for me, my preference is for the continued existence of a very low
traffic list, provided the spam can be contained.  At any rate the
ACCMAIL FAQ (various language versions) should be updated to reflect
the change; and ideally the list archives should be available somehow.

That is, however, my ideal wish list.  But I have to confess that I
have neither the means (FAQ) nor the time and experience (new list,
list archive) to take care of any of these points.

> On 1 November I intend to retire as current ACCMAIL 'owner' and
> moderator. My involvement will terminate with the list itself. I
> have been doing it for more than 9 years, which is probably too long
> anyway.

Thanks a lot for your work for all matters ACCMAIL!

Best regards,


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