The following methods are from the revered Gerald E. Boyd
instructions, I didn't test for the last couple of years but
think some should work.

Use the following to search by google
where KEYWORD is your search.

An alternative is: 
[EMAIL PROTECTED]  To use it, send a query in the subject
and you'll get 10 results with snippets.

Another way to access search engines is to send a message 
with a line like this in the message body:

    SEARCH <engine> <keywords>

Replace "engine" with YAHOO, ALTAVISTA, or INFOSEEK, 
and use your own search words.  Here's an example:

    SEARCH YAHOO consumer protection


 for $500? In 2007? Ha! Play Monopoly Here and Now (it's updated for today's 
economy) at Yahoo! Games.  

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