Hello accmailers ...

Yahoo has been causing us problems for many months. Mail
from www4mail at szs.net to Yahoo addresses is often
rejected at the SMTP stage and bounced back to us,
resulting in an unnecessary load on our server. Yahoo
users sometimes submit repeated requests for large
binary files, which are then all refused by Yahoo. We
want this to stop.

Yahoo is web-based. Nobody who uses ACCMAIL methods is
obliged to use Yahoo. So we have decided that we will no
longer accept requests from Yahoo email addresses.

Starting now, www4mail at szs.net will not respond to
requests from Yahoo email addresses. There will be no
answer at all.

We have also decided, in principle, that we should not
accept requests from any of the free web-based email
services, especially as they are the main source of
requests for web sites which contravene our usage
policy. Right now, only Yahoo is excluded. The others
will follow when we have worked out the best way to do

However, we agree that the ACCMAIL community does have a
legitimate need for a reliable free web-based email
service. So we intend to make an exception for gmail.com
and googlemail.com addresses, which have never caused us
any problems.

::: SZS :::

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