Ad> Date:    Sun, 6 Apr 2008 12:21:32 +0100
Ad> From:    sun zoom spark <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Ad> Subject: Re: juno disconnects.

Ad> On 6 Apr 2008 at 0:39, Bruce Chesley wrote:
> I have juno 5.0 platinum under Windows XE SE.

Ad> Perhaps you should tell us what Juno is?

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A big part of Accmail history: 
An online service, (last I heard requiring proprietary software, 
for MS-Windows only). 

Do you have access to archives of when Dr. Bob Rankin was still running
the Accmail list?  There was a huge amount of discussion then about Juno. 

When it first rolled out, it was free (no money from subscribers -- just 
adnvertising) -- well funded and promoted so it got *lots* of subs,
and allowed email only -- no file transfers.  60k byte limit per message,
and I think ... 100 messages per day?  And it might have been limited
to USA.  

It was a natural for accmailing techniques, and since so many beginners
came in all at once, all with the same setup, there was a lot of basic
teaching of chunk-size and UU encoding/decoding -- and problems & 
solutions unique to Juno users. 

A sister listserv was spawned, just for Juno-Accmail.  After that Juno 
discussion in the parent Accmail list dropped off some -- probably to
the relief of those who wanted to discuss other things and had been
annoyed by the high Juno traffic! 

I think Juno started charging after a few years, and I haven't heard much
since.  I'll let others tell you what it is now. 

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