On 11 Jun 2008 at 20:06, xmailar wrote:
> Too bad. They do not reply to email enquiries. It would be nice if they 
> resume service or release the code. I donĀ“t know of any similar service, 
> with so good formatting and speed

They used the Google API.
If anyone out there can get copies of the scripts,
we would consider hosting it here.

> Yahoo worthless for who and where?.

This is strictly off-topic for this list!

> Sad that www4mail at szs.net rejects it.

We don't reject Yahoo. Yahoo rejects us!
www4mail `at` szs.net runs on a Debian virtual server
with limited resources. We have to be careful about how
we utilise our data transfer quota. So when a significant
proportion of our traffic consists of mail with large
attachments bouncing back from valid yahoo addresses, we
feel it is right to be proactive. People with Yahoo
email addresses cannot use our service effectively, so
we will not pretend they can. Everyone with a Yahoo
address can use a different free email service if they
want to (we recommend gmail.com), so nobody is excluded.

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