Hello accmailers ...

On 27 Sep 2008 at 22:09, sun zoom spark wrote:
> www4mail at szs.net is down for maintenance.
> We expect to be working again in 24 hours.

Here is an update.

This is not really about maintenance. Our www4mail was broken
when we installed a virtual hosting package on the same machine.

Ideally, we should edit the www4mail Perl code to fix the
problem. But www4mail is a very large and complex package, with
no documentation. We can't find where to do the edits.

To save time, and get www4mail working again as soon as
possible, we are going to install it on a new machine.
Hopefully, it will be fixed by Wednesday.

There is a precedent for this. When we started with www4mail, we
had two installations (in England and Texas), but there has been
only one for the last 12 months -- so no backup.

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