I wonder why the following URLs elicited error messages when trying to
GET them via SZS' WWW4MAIL installation:


(The first two are items of archaeological news, the third one
concerns the Vatican's stance on homosexuality.)

A couple of hours ago, I could access all of these addresses without
any problem with a live connection to the internet.

In the case of http://religion.orf.at/projekt03/welcome/... an error
403 was returned even though I could fetch numerous other items of
news from the same site at the same time.  This led me to suspect some
kind of blacklist banning any URL containing, e.g., "sex" might be at
work; the other URLs look innocent enough to me, though.

    (In case such blacklists are used I somehow doubt whether such an
     approach is reasonable, especially for requests of text dumps
     which presumably are of limited pornographic value.  But I
     understand that this might be difficult to administer using the
     current state of the www4mail code.)

Another problem I have is with some Wikipedia pages: E.g.,
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scheveningen> only yields the table of
contents of that page, and the same has happened to me with other
entries, too.  Is there some known trick I can use?

Thanks in advance for any light you may shed,


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