I too like experiments in network and with interest has read this massage. has 
sent the test in several variants (and in subject and in body), but - no 
reaction. It is pity. can author elaborate what is it necessary to do? thank 

> A long time ago, I think 1997 -1999, I was subscribed to accmail and I
> was "surfing" the web by E-mail. At that time I only had E-mail access
> to Internet, so it was great to surf the web by E-mail.

> Now, so many years later, I have full broadband access to the
> Internet, so no more surfing by E-mail for me ;-)

> But, because I like experimenting with computers, I have set up an
> experimental www2email service. I don't know if I keep it up, at the
> moment it is just there for testing purposes.

> Anyway, for those who like to test it :

> Send an E-mail to www AT dommel.be with in the subject-line :

> send txt http://some.webpage.url/index.html

> or

> send pdf http://some.webpage.url/index.html

> txt gives a text-version of the webpage, pdf gives an pdf-attachment.

> Met vriendelijke groetjes        - Jan Wagemakers -

Regards - Vlad

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