Hi, Albert.

19 aug 2009., 17:49:08:

AR> [la...@mail333.com, Wed, 19 Aug 2009 12:27:22 +0400]:
>> Will You explain, how one can use this e-mail = e...@univie.ac.at ?

AR> As for the other autoresponders in the FAQ, you can send any e-mail to
AR> e...@univie.ac.at; the server will respond with an e-mail containing
AR> the beginning (4kB, I believe) of your e-mail, including all headers.
AR> This is often useful for checking whether you can send and/or receive
AR> e-mails, or for seeing what headers are added by your server.


AR> Albert.

I sent e-mail, as was explained, but... nothing of reaction?
What is wrong?

Regards, Vlad                 mailto:la...@mail333.com

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