On Thu, Aug 20, 2009 at 08:07:19PM -0400, Eduardo Lucas Vieito wrote:
> >For some time now I did not received any reply from
> >www4mail at szs.net
> >Are my requests to this service ignored for some reason?

> Check the procedures, as for me it is working very well, even with very 
> large documents
> Eduardo Vieito

I send request to www4mail same as I did for long time so I guess
procedure is OK.
My question was mainly for administrator if he could check what
is happening, It is now cca. two weeks that I received last
response from service. I have absolutely no clue what can
be reason for this silence. Maybe I requested some web page
that www4mail program consider inappropriate and is now
ignoring all my requests. But I am not aware that I was doing
anything bad.

One solution that come to my mind is to subscribe to this
mailing list with another email adders as new user. But
I would really like to know if I done something bad to
be able to avoid such thing in the future - if this is the

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