Hello accmailers ...

Here is some good news and some bad news.

1. Good news for everybody first!

Despite persistent abuse of this service, szs.net wishes
to keep www4mail available to as many genuine users as
possible. We have been tempted to close it, but have
decided not to.

2. Bad news for a few!

www4mail at szs.net is maintained by one person (me) who
has very little time, and a rather uncertain financial
future. I don't have the time or resources to combat
abusers in a sophisticated way -- so the action I have
decided to take is direct.

The number of abusers is relatively small, but their
actions are becoming increasingly unpleasant --
including attempts to subvert our www4mail system, and
even to hack into it. Like the vast amount of spam we
receive, 95% of the abusive behaviour comes from one
geographical area, and our list of banned email
addresses is dominated by the same two countries.

So -- with immediate effect, www4mail at szs.net is no
longer available to residents of the Russian Federation
and Ukraine.

Of course, it is not fair. But the alternative is to
close the service to everybody. We hope that this
drastic action will end our problems, and we will review
the situation after four weeks.

::: SZS :::

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