Hello accmailers ...

Last month we told you about our interim solution to
the problem of continued abuse of our www4mail server.
We decided we had to deny access to residents of the
Russian Federation and Ukraine. We followed that by
forbidding requests for documents in the .ru and .ua
top level domains.

We acknowledged that this decision was unfair -- but
it has stopped *all* the abuse.

Unfortunately, the deluge of spam and attempts to break
into our server (up to 10,000 per day) has not stopped.
In fact it seems to have increased.

We cannot carry on like this. So this is what is going
to happen ...

* We are going to take down the existing www4mail
  server within the next week.

* We will replace it with a new installation as soon
  as we can, hopefully by mid-August.

* Access to the new www4mail server will be separated
  from the membership of this list. We will be asking
  users to apply personally to be placed on the Access
  Control List.

* Members of this list who have not abused our www4mail
  will all be welcome.

We haven't worked out all the details yet, and we are
willing to consider any suggestions from list members
about how we should handle this.

::: SZS :::

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