In the original accmail faq it gave numbers you could send to that could fax
emails from you to certain countries free of charge. Is there such a service
I can use to help me fax anywhere in South Africa? I have fax to email but
have not yet set it up to register to send faxes as I do not need to fax so
often but I have registered to receive faxes which is free. However, is
there any accmail server that can receive faxes and a way to convert them/
This is probably slightly off topic but the problem is that the fax services
are designed to receive such faxes in .tif image format with or without PDF
depending on the service and for a blind person this is a nightmare as there
does not seem to be a way to convert these images into plain text, word
without images or PDF without the images and this is frigging

Ricky Lomey

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