Hello accmailers ...

I think it is time for me to retire as moderator of this
ACCMAIL list. My professional and personal lives are
both very busy -- and it doesn't help that I'm getting
older and have less energy, as well as less time. A
younger person should take over.

ACCMAIL was most busy in its early years, but that fact
that it still exists shows that there is still a demand
for email-only services.

There have been only three list moderators:
Bob Rankin (USA) 1994 - Oct 1997.
Gerry Boyd (USA) Oct 1997 - June 2002.
Sun Zoom Spark (UK) June 2002 - now.

Who will be next? Perhaps one of our many Cuban

Anyone who is interested in becoming the next ACCMAIL
moderator, please email me personally off-list.

::: SZS :::

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