Hello accmailers ...

I have just received the following message from the AOL
Listserv Service ...


Dear AOL Listserv Administrator,

You are receiving this email because you have been
listed as the administration for one or more lists
hosted by AOL's listserv service. We would like to
inform you that AOL will be discontinuing the listserv
service on November 1st, 2011. If your list is still
actively used, please make arrangements to find another
service prior to the shutdown date and notify your list
members of the transition details. If you are no longer
actively using this service then no other action is


So this mailing list will finally close five days from
now. I don't think we should complain. AOL have provided
this list since 1994, and have never been paid a penny
for it. Even so, they are not ending the list because it
is free - but because they ending the entire service.

As everyone is aware, the list has been very quiet
recently. I think there have been only 20 posts this
year. It is obvious that there is now very little demand
for ACCMAIL services.

What should happen next? Should ACCMAIL just stop? Would
somebody start a new list to replace it?

Please give us your opinions and suggestions.

On 1 November I intend to retire as current ACCMAIL
'owner' and moderator. My involvement will terminate
with the list itself. I have been doing it for more than
9 years, which is probably too long anyway.

Now it's your turn!
Cheers :-)

::: SZS :::

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