Hi all,

I just submitted a new version of the Profile for CoAP Pubsub.
Thanks to Jim and Ari for the reviews!


This version's update:
- complies with the new general draft on group key distribution using ACE: 
- implements the reviewers comments

Chairs: I'd like to request 10 minutes at the IETF101 to get feedback from the 
group. I will be the presenter. If possible, I'd like this slot to follow the 
draft-palombini-ace-key-groupcomm one.


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> Name:         draft-palombini-ace-coap-pubsub-profile
> Revision:     02
> Title:                CoAP Pub-Sub Profile for Authentication and 
> Authorization
> for Constrained Environments (ACE)
> Document date:        2018-03-02
> Group:                Individual Submission
> Pages:                16
> URL:            
> https://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-palombini-ace-coap-pubsub-profile-02.txt
> Status:         
> https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-palombini-ace-coap-pubsub-profile/
> Htmlized:       
> https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-palombini-ace-coap-pubsub-profile-02
> Htmlized:       
> https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/html/draft-palombini-ace-coap-pubsub-profile-02
> Diff:           
> https://www.ietf.org/rfcdiff?url2=draft-palombini-ace-coap-pubsub-profile-02
> Abstract:
>    This specification defines a profile for authentication and
>    authorization for publishers and subscribers in a pub-sub setting
>    scenario in a constrained environment, using the ACE framework.  This
>    profile relies on transport layer or application layer security to
>    authorize the publisher to the broker.  Moreover, it relies on
>    application layer security for publisher-broker and subscriber-broker
>    communication.
> Please note that it may take a couple of minutes from the time of submission
> until the htmlized version and diff are available at tools.ietf.org.
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