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draft-ietf-ace-cbor-web-token-13: No Objection

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   The claim values defined in this specification MUST NOT be prefixed
   with any CBOR tag.  For instance, while CBOR tag 1 (epoch-based date/
   time) could logically be prefixed to values of the "exp", "nbf", and
   "iat" claims, this is unnecessary, since the representation of the
   claim values is already specified by the claim definitions.  Tagging
   claim values would only take up extra space without adding
   information.  However, this does not prohibit future claim
   definitions from requiring the use of CBOR tags for those specific

Why do you need a MUST NOT here? This seems like not really an interop 

  4.  Verify that the resulting COSE Header includes only parameters
       and values whose syntax and semantics are both understood and
       supported or that are specified as being ignored when not

I'm surprised to find that this is not a generic 8152 processing rule.
Can you explain why this is necessary here?

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