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(In reply to Luca Viggiani from comment #40)
> I've installed the kernel 4.7.2 without the patch and nothing changed in the
> behavior with BIOS option both ON and OFF.

what do you mean by "without the patch"?
do you mean the 4.7.2 kernel does not contain the patch? Or you reverted it

> Just to make sure I followed the correct procedure:
> I have followed this method:
> In PKGBUILD I have uncommented 'make menuconfig' in order to stop the build
> process and have the chance to remove the patch
> Then I started the build process ($ makepkg -s)
> When the menuconfig window came out I edit
> src/linux-4.7/drivers/gpu/drm/i915/intel_opregion.c
> and emoved the patch (commented out)
> and finally resumed the build and installed the generated packages.
> Is that correct?

I don't see anything wrong, but I'm not 100% sure because I don't play
Maybe this video may help

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