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> > I'm just dumping there for now - 4.20.11 seems to crash even with the
> revert
> > patch.
> > 
> > I'm not sue what to make out of this. I guess I should have tested with an
> > earlier kernel - but then, what changed in 4.20.11?
> I don't really know what changed in 4.20.11 that could have caused this
> crash... Unfortunately, you'll have to bisect it and file another bug.
> For now, let's boot on 4.20.5 and work on improving the global address list
> manipulations.
> Thanks!

Sorry, forget what I wrote about 4.20.11, I got confused: The new debug options
seem to hide the BUG/Oops lines and produce a call trace no matter what; also,
the debug kernels eventually finish the boot even if the corresponding none
debug kernel hangs after the crash (at least for a few minutes, after which I
force halt).

I booted a 4.20.5 now with your patch (instead of the revert), it boots without
crash (non-debug). 

Upcoming are the log for the patched 4.20.5 kernel and the debug logs with
acpi.debug_layer=0x00400000 acpi.debug_level=0x600 log_buf_len=40M for the
patched and unpatched 4.20.5.

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