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(In reply to Hans de Goede from comment #17)
> sander44:
> > I reproduced this issue with 5.10.35.
> So you mean you are seeing the "Could not resolve symbol [\_PR.CPU0._CPC]"
> errors with 5.10.35, correct ?  That is interesting because for Paulo Marcos
> these errors are no happening with 5.10.38 .  Can you perhaps give 5.10.38 a
> try ?
> A suspect that this may have something to do with these 2 commits:
> ?id=6998a8800d73116187aad542391ce3b2dd0f9e30
> ?id=1a1c130ab7575498eed5bcf7220037ae09cd1f8a
> Can someone who is seeing this try building a 5.12 kernel with these 2
> commits reverted please? Note you should revert the 6998a8800d73116187aad
> commit first.

If I apply one patch, the other one refuses to apply itself. I'm applying the
first one to see if there's any difference

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