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(In reply to Paul Menzel from comment #53)
> Isn’t this a design problem, Linux’ ACPI subsystem (or the firmware) should
> address?
> >         acpi_mask_gpe=  [HW,ACPI]
> >                         Due to the existence of _Lxx/_Exx, some GPEs
> >                         triggered
> >                         by unsupported hardware/firmware features can
> result
> >                         in
> >                         GPE floodings that cannot be automatically disabled
> >                         by
> >                         the GPE dispatcher.
> >                         This facility can be used to prevent such
> >                         uncontrolled 
> >                         GPE floodings.
> >                         Format: <byte>
> The problem in the bug is not about flooding, is it?

I'm not sure. Scenario what I see is the following:
1. ACPI initializes GPE at the boot time quite early.
2. At that time there is no I²C host controller driver loaded and hence no ACPI
space handler installed.
3. But GPE (_L20 to be precise) is active (sounds like flooding) and ACPI tries
to execute the corresponding methods, but... see 2 above.

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