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Hi, got this again after a Ubuntu update that overwrote my "acpi=off" grub
kernel parameter. For anyone that can't boot into the login screen then adding
this is the fix.

CPU: Q9650


BTW the last half of the reports below are after I hit the power button to
initiate what would normally be an ACPI shut down. I had to keep the power
button held down to force power off.


0.333629] ACPI Error: Aborting method _PR.CPU1..
_PDC due to previous error
(AE ALREADY EXISTS) (20221020/psparse-529)
0.3336291 ACPI Error: AE_ALREADY_EXISTS, SSDT OxFFFF910E80D15200 Table is a
ready loaded (20221020/tbdata-548)
0.333629] ACPI Error: Aborting method _PR. CPUZ._PDC due to previous error
(AE _ALREADY _EXISTS) (20221020/psparse-529)
0.3336291 ACPI Error: AF
ALREADY_EXISTS, SSDT OxFFFF910E80D14600 Table is a
ready loaded (20221020/tbdata-548)
0.3336291 ACPI Error: Aborting method _PR.CPU3..
_PDC due to previous error
(AE_ALREADY _EXISTS) (20221020/psparse-529)

60.8740511 ru: INFO: ru_preempt detected
stalls on CPUs/tasks:
60.8743431 rcu: 01-..
1: (0 ticks this GP) idle=4a60/0/0x0 softirq=15/15 fqs
=0 (false positive?)
60.875?361 rcu: rcu_preempt kthread timer wakeup didn't happen for 15001 jif
fies! g-1031 f0x0 RU_GP_WAIT_FQS(5) -›state=0x402
60.876242] ru: oFossible timer handling issue on cpu-1 timer-softirg-5
60.8765361 rcu: rcu_preempt kthread stared for 15002 jiffies g-1031 fOx0 R
CU_GP_WAIT_FQS(5) -›state=0x402 ->cpu=1
60.8769991 rcu: Unless ru_preempt kthread gets sufficient CPU time, 00M is now
expected behauior.
60.8773991 ru: RCU grace-period kthread stack dump:
60.8780471 rcu: Stack dump where RCU GP kthread last ran:

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