On Tue, 10 Dec 2002 13:21:08 +0100 (CET), Daniela Engert wrote:

>>?? It's possible to modify Dev-Helper functions using PSDs? That's a nice feature. 
>Where can I get 
>>documentation about them?
>You can do a lot of interesting things in PSDs; you'll find this
>documented in the SMP programming addendum. If people need it I can
>push it to the list.

please push. I downloaded nearly the whole DDK and much more, but I never found 
anything about SMP.

>>>>Also could it be that some implementations of ACPI are buggy in terms of 16-bit PM?
>>>ACPI is something completely different. The BIOS is hardly involved
>>>(except for providing the AML code which will be interpreted by the
>>>ACPI AML interpreter).
>>That's good.
>>Like I said, I had no time to read ACPI documentation.
>Better do before building too much into your GCONFIG driver.

well, GCONFIG is work from about 6 months ago. I'm not currently working on it.

>>>As I said before, no fiddling with OS2LDR, please. It wouldn't work
>>>with IOAPICs at all.
>>device-driver OEMHLP$. If there is a non-patching solution (e.g. PSDs), I will 
>change my code of course. 
>Have a look at that. I don't mind the non-IRQ stuff, but IRQ handling
>is to be done in PSDs.

No problem. Are PSDs somewhat like BASEDEVs or are they completely different? We will 
need to replace 
ISAPNP.SNP nearly 100% for sure, because the original driver could and would mess on 
systems, that got 
both PnP and e.g. ACPI support, so perhaps we will need to split the work. One 
brandnew PSD-driver and 
one replacement. Also ISAPNP.SYS will get used to find out when snoopers are done 
loading (used by 
GCONFIG), because configuration of e.g. PnP devices may first get done after all 
snooper drivers got loaded 
(giving legacy hardware, I know outdated, anyway we need to maintain some 
compatibility and the original 
one wouldn't work anymore).

cu, Kiewitz

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