I'm debugging some 4D Client/Server issues, where connections are being
dropped (probably by our router/firewall).

I know that the "idle connections timeout" setting is involved, and I'm
going to set it to 180 seconds:

*SET DATABASE PARAMETER*(Idle connections timeout;180)

  // 4D Remote mode timeout is only relevant in legacy network layer.

What about the "4D Server timeout" database network setting? Could this be
related at all to the idle connections? I have it set to "forever" in the
Database Settings dialog, because we're running our production web server
on 4D Client -- and I NEVER want that connection broken.

Regardless of whether it's involved, I'd like to be able to disconnect
other 4D clients that aren't using 4D Server. We usually have someone
applying for a job on our website which SHOULD keep the Web Client's
connection active, but I don't want to chance that, if we have a very slow
day. Aparajita, does the A4D Housekeeper chatter at all with the Web Server
machine? If so, I can feel confident that this connection will never be
severed by setting this value to disconnect users that have been idle for,
let's say a couple of hours.

I'd like to do this...

*SET DATABASE PARAMETER*(4D Server timeout;120)

Will that be safe???

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