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I've done this kind of thing but (as Jeremy has said) it seems really inefficient to have to make all those calls.
As an example, suppose I have a list of students whose accounts I want to deactivate. I'll get that as a list of sAMAccountNames (because the student ID number is used for their username). I now need to query active directory to get the distinguishedname and then bind to that object to do things to it.
For some purposes I know I can use getobject("WinNT://domain/samaccountname") but that isn't always suitable. What I want is something which allows me to specify the sAMAccountName in the LDAP: string.
As a complete aside, is there a reason for the odd capitalisation which always seems to be used for sAMAccountName? SAMAccountName would seem much better?
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It is possible... you only have to do it another way...
query AD for the object that matches a certain sAMAccountName
ssAMAccountName = "JORGE"
Set oConnection = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
Set oCommand = CreateObject("ADODB.Command")
oConnection.Provider = "ADsDSOObject"
oConnection.Open "ADs Provider"
Set oCommand.ActiveConnection = oConnection
sQuery = "SELECT DistinguishedName FROM 'LDAP://" & sDomainDNSW2Kx & "' WHERE sAMAccountName = '" & ssAMAccountName & "'"
oCommand.CommandText = sQuery
Set oResults = oCommand.Execute
sObjDN = oResults.Fields("DistinguishedName")

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Nevermind, just found the answer to my own question, and it is no, must use the persons CN, no other attributes are accepted, good to know.  Thanks for the potential help.




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            I am trying to write a _vbscript_ to connect to a user account using the samaccountname attribute to update some info.  Is this even possible and if so can someone provide a code sample, I would think it would look something like this for Test in the Microsoft domain:


            LDAP://sAMAccountName=Test, OU=Users,DC=Microsoft,DC=COM or LDAP://sAMAccountName=Test,CN=Users,DC=Microsoft,DC=COM


            Then again, maybe this is not even possible.  If not should I use ADO instead even though I am returning 1 record with each query, seems inefficient way to me when I can just use an ADSI pointer.



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