Sorry, didn't read thoroughly first (oops).  Yeah, it sounds like a perms issue, I usually set the root of my user shares directory to have Read/Traverse perms for users in case of an emergency and/or troubleshooting.  It's an administrative share anyway, I can understand the paranoia of also setting it to basically be unbrowsable, but it sounds like you're going 1/2 a step too far (at least for the purposes of the applications in your environment).

On 10/5/06, Matt Hargraves <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
If you're using a transform file to deploy, you should be able to define the default file location, either as a variable (%homedrive%) or alternatively, you can install the GPO extensions for MS Office and set the item via GPO and stop worrying, as long as you test it a little bit before deploying it out to everyone.

On 10/4/06, Kennedy, Jim < [EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

"Office was deployed to the workstations via group policy using an AIP and MST transform."


Bet you will find something in that MST that is pointing to the wrong location. Blow out an Outlook profile on one as a test.



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I am having a weird problem with folder redirection. I have set the My Documents redirection to the subfolder of the root drive option and set the path to the homefolders directory (\\servername\homefolders$). This is supposed to redirect users my documents to \\servername\homefolders$\%username%\my documents and it does. The users log onto their PCs and open their My Documents folder fine – and looking at the properties of their my documents folder confirms that the redirection is working properly. The problem is that in certain applications, namely Outlook 2003 (all latest patches and SPs applied). When a user goes to save an attachment, for example, and clicks on my documents in the save dialog, they receive the error "cannot access \\servername\homefolders$, which makes sense since the users do not have access to the homefolders$ share, just to their subfolder. So Outlook, for some reason, is not drilling down into the users my documents in the home folder, but instead is trying to access the root of the homefolders$ share. In other Office apps, the my documents works fine. There are also no event log entries that reference this issue.


I am stuck here as I am unable to find any KB articles that discuss this. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have not yet reinstalled Outlook because all other Office apps work fine. Office was deployed to the workstations via group policy using an AIP and MST transform.



Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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