It will, but it is a solvable problem.  You'll also have some headaches for the 
trust itself, but that's where the nifty Win2003 features such as Name Suffix 
Routing and Top Level Name Restrictions come into play.


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Don't you have to do some DNS delegations to ensure clients in one
forest can find clients in the other forest?

I would think that having as the tier two for both forests
will cause some unique DNS headaches.


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> Both forests can be "connected" to each other as long as within the
> connected environment each domain name is unique (NetBIOS and DNS)...
> So if you have a forest called DOMAIN.COM (NetBIOS = DOMAIN) and another
> forest called SUB.DOMAIN.COM (NetBIOS = SUB) you can connect them to
> each and setup trusts between the forests.
> jorge
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> >>>Hello evr.
> >>>I have two independent forests.
> >>>Is it possible to trust forests which share a same name
> >>>space. For example. I have domain in first forest
> >>>and a domain in second forest If not is it
> >>>possible to migrate with some tools a domain
> >>>to domain ?
> >>>Thx
> >>>Zdenek Lev
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