Sure, but is that because the common wisdom is wrong or is it because there is not a definitive source of truthful information (such as decent documentation?)

Could it be that a wiki is as good as it gets? Or could there be blog entries that would give better information?  Or perhaps accurate documentation on some vendor website waiting to be read and understood?

Philosophical questions such as these can keep you up late at night you know. (-;

On 10/5/06, Brett Shirley < [EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Except when 99% of the common wisdom about something is wrong, like in the
case of ESE / JET Blue ... ;-)


On Thu, 5 Oct 2006, Greg Nims wrote:

> > It's funny how we quote wikis as definitive sources of information, when
> > they can be edited by anyone and everyone :)
> >
> > Who vets the edits and how much does that person know about the subject
> > matter??
> Anyone can edit, which is why they are generally correct.  When 100,000
> people view a record, and 2 people want to change it to be incorrect,
> 999,998 will want to correct it.
> I wouldn't use a wiki as a great historical or technical source.  But for
> encyclopedia entries, which give a good summation of a subject, they are
> great.
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