We use Exchange 2003 running on Win2k3 server Standard Edition strictly for distribution groups where all user objects have external SMTP addresses - no Exchange mailboxes, etc. We have a simple single forest, single site AD Win2k R2 domain.

A message addressed to one of our AD distribution groups ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) results in an out bound message with multiple RCPT TO entries.

With very few exceptions, the external email addresses are for the main campus domain ([EMAIL PROTECTED]).

This worked well since implementation in February 2006. Lately, there have been considerable delays in the UIUC campus domain servers accepting these messages in a timely manner. There have been no intentional changes to our Exchange server other than the application of "patch Tuesday" updates and, after becoming aware of these delays, changing the SMTP connection timeout from the default 10 minutes, to 30, then to 45 and now to 120 minutes.

Do any of you Exchange gurus know of any recent MS updates that would have changed anything regarding outbound connections with the Exchange SMTP server?

I suspect the problem is not on our end but don't want to start pointing fingers without some assurance that nothing has changed here.



Michael J. Miller
Computing Services
College of Veterinary Medicine
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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