That would actually be really cool in my opinion; not only for LDIFs but for general scripting and programming.  When ever I’m creating some sort of automation tool for AD I always have to stop and think about how to set the ACL piece because it seems so different from the way you set other Directory data.  Although it might just be that my feeble brain is not capable of remembering two different processes ;)


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Yeah, Joe’s correct, dsacls or scripting is your best bet. SDDL+encoding is also possible, but it would replace the whole SD value, which is rarely what you really want. Usually you just need to add or remove an ACE, right? This would require reading the old value, which is not possible with LDIF.


At some point, I looked at trying to expose the SD value as a multi-valued string attribute, each value representing an individual ACE (e.g. in SDDL). This is approximately what iPlanet and OpenLdap do. Unfortunately, it never went further than that. Would have been pretty cool, and very much LDIF’able. Alas…


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I think you could but it would be non-trivial, I agree with Al, use a different tool. dsacls or scripting is the "standard".


Theoretically, and Dmitri or Eric can correct me if I am off, you could create your Security Descriptor in SDDL format, convert that to the binary form, then mime encode it, then try to apply that string for the ntSecurityDescriptor attribute. You will likely have to do it as an Administrator or else you will get an error since non-admins have to set special controls to update the security descriptor and I don't think LDIFDE will do it.





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There's no provision in the ldif standard that I'm aware of that would allow this.  LDIFDE might have something with it, but I haven't seen it.


You'd be better off using a different tool in my opinion. 




On 10/6/06, Isenhour, Joseph <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Does anyone know if it's possible to set Directory ACLs using an LDIF?
I'm trying to enforce a process for setting ACLs that is similar to the
process we have for making Schema extensions.
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