My first thought is yuck.

My second thought is this is insecure from multiple angles and really a poor
use of ADAM. 

Sounds like an ultra poor attempt at making a datacenter app work on the

I like where Idan's was going... Some sort of local cached password for the
local version of the app. Once back online and talking to the "real" app the
cache gets refreshed. 

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I've been talking to a vendor about an application they are developing.  It
involves running ADAM instances on XP Pro machines (laptops) that replicate
with a centralised ADAM instance running on W2K3.  I don't have further
details at this stage, but I believe the they are planning to use the local
ADAM instance to authenticate laptop users to an application when they are

In addition to security concerns with this approach, I'm not really
comfortable with the idea of ADAM instances on laptops being part of a
configuration set.  I had always understool ADAM on XP to be used for a
personal data store

Any thoughts on this?


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