You were right, that was the problem...
Thanks so much

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Check the Group Policies assigned to the terminal server.  Under Computer Configuration>Windows Settings>Security Settings>Local Policies>User Rights Assignments, look for “Allow Logon through Terminal Services”.  This user was probably added here. 

If you add a username to any of the Windows Settings policies in a GPO, and the username changes, then you have to go back and change it manually.  It is not automatically updated like most of the rest of AD.  I would recommend using security groups instead of users here for this reason.  The group name is less likely to change. 




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Subject: [ActiveDir] Problem driving me crazy




I have a user who got marry (changed her last name) so I had to change her login username, email, etc.


Since I did that, she has not been able to log on to a server (DC) using remote desktop connection, I checked and she has the right permissions to use terminal services, etc.



What is the best way to troubleshoot this?


I am getting this log in the event log


Logon Failure:

Reason: The user has not been granted the requested

logon type at this machine

User Name: <username>

Domain: <domain name>

Logon Type: 10

Logon Process: User32

Authentication Package: Negotiate

Workstation Name: <servername>

For more information, see Help and Support Center at


Thanks all

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